Gabriela Ferrante

Hello and Welcome


Hello and Welcome. I am a qualified Spanish teacher and native of Argentina. For the past nineteen years I have been teaching Spanish to students from all over the world both as an instructor at a prestigious language institute in Buenos Aires and as a private tutor. During my career, I have lived and taught in cities as diverse as Paris, Rome and New York.


As you can see from my résumé, I have extensive, international experience in Spanish instruction. I teach using a modern, conversation-based method that is highly-effective (Communicative Approach). Although I am perfectly fluent in English and comfortable with French, Italian and Portuguese, classes are conducted solely in Spanish with no word-for-word translation at all. I have found that directed conversation classes produce results more quickly and painlessly than rote memorization.


As a trained teacher, I bring more to my classes than just a native speaker's basic understanding of the language. Classes are highly organized, fun and professional. From the initial skill level assessment, to the creation of a customized learning plan, your progress towards Spanish fluency is monitored and evaluated. New grammar and vocabulary are introduced systematically, tailored to both the interests and ability of each student.


During my career I have had the chance to teach both private and small group classes, at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. I have been able to live, study and travel throughout the world and have had the opportunity to teach and be taught by people from all walks of life. One of my favorite things about this profession, and the reason I remain excited and engaged by each student's progress, is that, in a very real way, teaching someone to speak a new language, opens a path between cultures. Give someone a new language and you give them a new world.


Previous Students in Buenos Aires:
The President of Johnson & Johnson, Argentina; the President of Scania, Argentina; the Administrative Department Director of Mitsubishi Argentina, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Delta Airlines, KLM and American Airlines Pilots, a Chief Scientist (Beaumont Hospital Dublin), a Music Professor (Humboldt University California) etc. (See letters of recommendation.)

Previous Students in New York:
Citigroup executives, the Director of the ESL (English as a Second Language) program at CUNY University; university students, etc. Excellent letters of recommendation (See letters of recommendation.)

About the Classes:
The Spanish classes I offer, both in person or on-line, have two objectives.
  • To provide Spanish language instruction
  • To introduce you to Buenos Aires and to Argentine culture.
For this purpose classes are combined with sightseeing and cultural activities: classes can take place at a museum or a historic cafe or at a restaurant ordering food and the class material is related to these cultural activities. There is also one free excursion per week. I take students to: historic cafes, noteworthy performances at the Teatro Colon, tango shows, the trendiest restaurants and bars, etc. (For more details see "Classes and Sightseeing"). If you are coming to Buenos Aires and you are looking for an experienced teacher, please do not hesitate to contact me.