At the student's convenience, I prefer holding part of the classes at varying locations within Buenos Aires. For instance: 50% of the classes can be held at the student's place of residence, 50% at different locations in Buenos Aires. If preferred all the classes can be held at your apartment or hotel. You pick the combination that suits you best.


Past locations have included historic cafes, museums, restaurants, ticket offices, supermarkets, etc. Using real-world locations has two advantages: it allows students to see more of our beautiful city and it gives students a chance to practice their Spanish with their Instructor in actual situations. For example, classes held in a restaurant support the introduction of restaurant and food vocabulary, a familiarization with typical Argentine cuisine, and a lesson on how to formulate simple requests. Further, I have found that by holding classes in these environments I can help a student to conquer any shyness or natural hesitation when using an unfamiliar language.